Having already made way to the world of home appliances, ordinary information security pains sneak into aviation. Notorious security incidents involving massive cyberespionage campaigns, hacks performed by stunningly skilled and cunning cybercriminals, leaks of tens of millions customer credentials and even intrusions into uranium enrichment facilities that are even disconnected from the Internet have been constantly heard of lately. With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, once you become lax with information security, this might cost


While the phenomenon of drones definitely requires that certain regulations are introduced, is it right to meanwhile ban them entirely for the greater good? Back in 2015 Moscow Duma raised a question of imposing a ban on amateur UAVs, or drones, seeing then as a threat to the society. The legislators argue on drones being a threat to security and privacy, whereas the community, especially people who recently discovered the joy and amusement of various flying,

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