Automation, crowdsourcing and a word of mouth: Will a fancy joint invention born in collaboration between a renowned Russian business journalist and Russian PR community restructure the entire PR industry? With new tech quickly diffusing in our everyday jobs (and I am obviously referring to our usual ‘PR in IT’ routine), you all must have noticed how frantic efforts are to preserve usually advertised “personal and customized” approach to the target media. Yet, we secretly

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Once you hear the phrase ‘legal review’, you are usually in for a tiresome experience. Do we need it at all? Once in several days a PR person working at a Western-facing agency is guaranteed to come across a very stern request to ‘approve smth through legal’, ‘submit smth for legal review’, ‘expect feedback from legal re smth’, especially when you customer is a multinational, multibillion tech innovator listed on NASDAQ. It makes you wonder

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While the phenomenon of drones definitely requires that certain regulations are introduced, is it right to meanwhile ban them entirely for the greater good? Back in 2015 Moscow Duma raised a question of imposing a ban on amateur UAVs, or drones, seeing then as a threat to the society. The legislators argue on drones being a threat to security and privacy, whereas the community, especially people who recently discovered the joy and amusement of various flying,

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