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    A full-service PR and marketing agency
    serving Eastern European markets

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    Over 15 years of experience promoting
    global brands

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    A international, flexible team of

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    A network of partners spanning from
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    Ambition and responsibility

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    We are truly fascinated with
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EAST SIDE started back in 1998, as IT businesses looked into possibilities to explore opportunities of the Eastern European emerging markets. Now, we offer our services to global brands operating in Russia and the CIS, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine. We are a family of motivated, knowledgeable, and creative PR professionals; flexibility, open-minded attitude, and readiness to accept challenges are in our corporate DNA.

  • “Very well done! We can say having Parrot Jumping Sumo drone in Elle and Glamour is a real PR success!” 

    Sarah BattouePR manager
  • “Aligning local market requirements with corporate programs is never easy, and East Side did a fantastic job in balancing the two aspects and making viable effective suggestions. The results speak for themselves: good coverage with necessary local flavor.” 

    Susanne StögerHead MarCom FIS, PR & Internal Communications
  • “EAST SIDE was available night and day to facilitate our marketing efforts. We could always be sure that they come up with help in all, even most challenging, situations”

    Jodie HoareMarketing Director, EMEA

Our services

Our complex service packages provide rich and balanced toolsets to better cater for your needs. Any service you wish is available to you as a standalone offering when you need a single piece of the puzzle. We also can help you to arrange different offerings into a single unified strategy. Please contact our business development representatives for more.



‣ Branding
‣ Messaging
‣ Partner Search
‣ Product Launch
‣ Market Overview

If you plan to expand to new markets, we would gladly assist you in your effort. EAST SIDE offers a package of services optimally complementing your go-to-market strategies. Our program will help you to get insight into the local market, audit brand perception, develop compelling messaging, find new partners and properly launch your solution to the media.


‣ Collateral
‣ Sales Trainings
‣ Guerilla Marketing
‣ Dealer and Customer Events
‣ Databases, Research Services and Info Brockerage

If you need assistance in your marketing initiatives and lack man power in any of our geographies, EAST SIDE will offer its local market expertise and resources to enhance your sales effort with data insight and market analytics, and provide you with a proper sales stationary.





Brand awareness

‣ Press office
‣ Product PR
‣ Press Events
‣ Personalized PR
‣ Social Networks
‣ Monitoring and Analysis of the Media Perception

If you need to ensure your product or solution stays on top and enjoys positive publicity, EAST SIDE provides a well-balanced package of traditional PR services we have been constantly refining for a couple of decades. Our experience in successfully appealing to media influencers and long-term relationships will contribute to a winning mix of activities needed to better promote your brand.

Public Affairs

‣ GR
‣ Roundtables
‣ Counselling
‣ Direct Communication
‣ Influencer Relations

We are here to help you better navigate the realities of the local market. We offer insight into the legislative and regulatory agenda, seek ways to establish your image within the local community, provide shortcuts to influencers and opinion leaders.





‣ Blogging
‣ Social Networks
‣ Guerilla Marketing
‣ Community Management
‣ Perception Monitoring

If you want to build a direct channel to your audience, you can
entrust EAST SIDE with this task: we will offer you a complete
assessment of your online audiences, develop optimal content
strategies, engage both end users and professionals alike and
positively influence the buzz around your brand.

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